Sunday, December 19, 2010


There has just been a "Christmas Ornament Explosion"

 This afternoon I finally photographed every ornament at least TWICE on our tree AND uploaded well over 200 shots.... Everything is starting to look rather bland. Something a little more exciting perhaps would do.... So I headed over to Grandma's house. (She always has some of the nicest ornaments.) Spent a good 45 minutes snapping away - here are just a few my favorites. Ah I simply love this time of year! Wow, two posts in a day?! I haven't done that in a long time. 

Have a wonderful evening! 

Christmas Ornaments!

Okay, so lately I have been deleting more picture then I have taken, which is quite rare for me. For the pasts two weeks I've been patiently trying to get some half-way decent shots of ornaments.  I tell ya it doesn't come easy for me, that's for sure! It's a pile of work to - constantly lowering or adjusting the tripod, changing the shutter speed and aperture, constantly re-focusing. No matter how frustrating this may be -  I actually greatly enjoy it. Finally after about 15 minutes of playing around I think I got a few okayish I am now satisfied... for the moment....  :-) By the way, we have quite the interesting assortment of ornaments here, so they all kind of vary in these pictures. Enjoy.  Hoping you and your families all have a wonderful holiday Season!