Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Pictures

I took these pictures just a few moments ago. Nothing to exciting, just some flowers in bloom. The top photo is a Pink Flowering Currant and the second one is Bleeding Heart.

The Dove

                                                    Always There

Consider the dove - A symbol of the Holy Spirit and God, it is a bird of purity and wholesomeness.  Remember how Noah opened the door from the ark and sent out a dove in search of land? The dove returned the first time with no sign of dry land, although the next time he sent forth the dove it returned with an olive leaf, so Noah knew the waters were no more.  God was with Noah. If God wasn’t, the dove wouldn’t have returned to the ark.  Today the dove symbolizes that the Love of the Father is always with us. God is constantly watching over us at all times of our life. When you are in time of need, trouble, misery, perhaps perplexed, or even frightened all you have to do is pray- you will draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you.  So the next time you see a dove, remember that God will ALWAYS be with you every step of your way!