Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 4: Trip

Not much happened today. Our cousins had to run into Edmonton for a few appointments this morning, we stayed behind, ended up driving the backroads and then into town. Saw a few more deer, a magpie, bald eagle, and a beaver. The highlight today was riding the 4-wheelers out in the 80 acre field/woods in the back of our cousin's property. Boy, that was such fun! All the beautiful trees, the sunset, breeze blowing in your face, long grasses, pastures of brightly colored wildflowers (especially Indian Paintbrush -its this beautiful red flower) Everything that God created is just amazing beyond belief!!! After that ride, we dropped off the few adults and us girls (brown girls & cousin Stacey) headed down the dirt road to go view this pond way out in the middle of nowhere.
Let's just say Canada has so much beauty to offer! So many different species of wildlife, it's just incredible! The snow-capped mountains are quite breathtaking as well! I think if I ever get a job with National Geographic the very first place I'd go is to The Canadian Rockies. I love it! :)
We saw many, many old cabins as well today. I took about 35 pictures. I'd like to upload them along with all the others, but due to slow internet, it's not going to be happening anytime soon.
We leave early in the morning to head back through Jasper and then to Lake Louise. Lord Willing, the weather will be much more cooperative so I can get some pictures.
Well, I should get going... Long day ahead of us tomorrow. -- Kaylie

Trip - Day 3

Yesterday morning I awoke to a big surprise, it was snowing, yes I said SNOWING. And they weren't little snowflakes, they were enormous. 'Twas a lovely 35 degrees. Here we came on this trip prepared for nice warm summer weather with the tents, and I don't know why we even left home. It was in the 80's back there. We walked around town in Jasper attempting to dodge the precipitation. Mom decided to drive all of the backroads she could find on our way out to Edson to visit our cousins. Along the way we decided to stop and take a "little hike." And yes, it was pouring AGAIN, the temperature being no higher then 38. BRR!!!!! So about the hike.... More like a short walk really... We went up these steep, slippery, small stairs to the lookout over the river (I don't recall which one because I've seen too many bodies of water) :P It was very beautiful up there even though we were freezing cold. Haha, I think we should of scheduled this trip later in the summer when it would have been warmer. :-/ I was going to add about 15 pics from yesterday, but due to the slower internet connection, it would take all day. I'll add some pictures when we get back home. Out to go hopefully photograph some old cabins today - so far, no rain!