Friday, March 12, 2010

Trojan War Poem

Grand Prize Winner

Poetry Slam 2010

“The Trojan War”

By Kaylie Brown

Composition 1D

Trojan War

There was a young prince named Paris

Who everyone thought was garish,

Judge of a small beauty contest

The women did look a bit stressed.

They offered him wonderful gifts

Which Paris thought was just a bliss,

He promptly chose Aphrodite

Cause her present was just mighty,

Most beautiful woman on earth

Of course they all new since her birth,

Paris soon headed to Sparta

To give his new wife a parka.

Took Helen in just a quick spur

Menelaus husband to her

Woke up to see what was the stir

All he could see was just a blur.

Now Sparta waged war against Troy

To get back his nice piece of joy

Of course for many years they fought

Until everyone was distraught.

Ten long years slowly passed on by

Finally they started to cry,

A man had a plan which was good

To make a big horse made of wood.

They delivered it to the gates

Which everybody thought was great.

At dark the Trojans pulled it inside

But soon the soldiers would all deny,

Spartan men started coming out

When the Trojan men were in doubt

The horse collapsed in a flurry

Now the Trojans had to hurry!

Menelaus then grabbed Helen

Now they were all just a yellin’,

To the large ships they all flew too

Soon there home was to be in view.

Arriving home they made a stew

Knowing what everyone went through.

Now in joy and jubilation,

They all ate in celebration.