Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Sister's

Three Sister's

By:  Francis I. Gillespie

We are three sisters
Three sisters are we
I love each of you,
And I know you love me

We’re not always together,
Life sometimes keeps us apart.
But we're never separated
We’re in each other's heart.

Now I know we've had our troubles,
But we always get thru.
The real message is you love me,
And I also love you.

We have had lots of good times
That we'll never forget
Sometimes we worry
And sometimes we fret

But if God ever gave me
Something special you see,
It might have been the blessing of,
Three sisters are we.
The Lord above has gave me lots
Of happiness and glee
But the most special thing he did was
Make us sisters, all three.

Photoshoot With Sister = Fun!

Last night I found myself really bored. Nothing I did seemed to satisfy me. I thought of an idea (why not do another photoshoot of one of my sisters?) So after a little poking and prodding, I finally managed to get Samantha interested in doing a photoshoot with me. It's not really fun anymore for Samantha, as it's something we've done over and over and over again... We went into her closet and pulled out this rather fancy dress. And 47 shots later.... This is what we got! Thank you Samantha for putting up with me. Hope you liked the pictures.

Fun in the mirror!

What could be more fun then a sister? 
Someone you can tell all your secrets to, and know they won't get told! (Hopefully!) 
Your smile makes my day! 
I love you!
Someone you can dress-up, no matter how bizarre the outfit looks!