Sunday, November 22, 2009

My 16th Birthday.

Casidy posing on my new cedar trunk.
Samantha, who made the delicious cake! (She is quite the cook.)

Grandpa and Me.

Well, today was my 'sweet 16' I didn't have a large party, just my grandparents and of course my family. To start the day off, my Mom made these pancakes, okay so I'll admit they weren't exactly "round" how most pancakes are they were "micky mouse" pancakes... My Mom wanted to start a tradition when we all had our 1st birthday, so from there out it's been micky mouse pancakes (with chocolate chips for the eyes, nose and mouth.) And spahgetti dinner was always the meal for a birthday dinner, allthough tonight I broke the tradition, you can do that at 16... :) Haha I was getting quite tired of the spahgetti, so instead we had delightful chicken, potatoes, beans, beats, bread, salad and all the works! From my Mother and Father I got this beautiful cedar chest to put at the end of my bed, my sister made a lovely pillowcase and my Grandparents got me this pretty necklace. I'll certainly say I had a wonderful day! Even though it was my birthday it seemed like any other day, really.... For my 16th birthday my Mom took me to get a "french manicure" and ummm. lets just say I rather have dirt all under my fingernails, but well it was fine. At least I can still play the piano and type this out!!! Oh, I almost forgot to mention my favorite part - for lunch we went out to this Greek Restaurant, which is currently my favorite food. I had this lamb Gyro pita bread thing, which was delcious!!! Of course my Mom had to tell the cook that it was my birthday and just as we were heading out the door the waitress gave me two Greek desserts... I can't begin to pronounce what they were, but they were very good. Anyways, wow I did not mean to type that much...