Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trip Pictures

So, I have at LEAST 50 more pictures that I would like to have posted, but it is not working for some reason. Perhaps a photo overload today? :-P That, or this blog is totally filled, I don't know... Anyway, if you would like to see all the others please leave your e-mail and I'll email them to you. Thanks. -Kaylie

Images Continued: From Our Trip

That was neat being at sea level - we even went below.


Death Valley, California

Family Pictures


Hehe, she is so amusing to watch when taking pictures. :-P



Another Canyon

The Trail


The Roadrunner

I'd never seen one of these until the other day. We were driving along the road on Southern C.A. and out of the bush came one! Kind of a neat looking bird.

Boulder Canyon

I think this is called "Boulder Canyon" not certain though. It went on for about 10 miles - all these rocks, hills and trees on this narrow road. It was fun snapping away as we were driving.

The Windmill

Unindentified Bird

I am not sure what this is. If you know, please let me know. :)

White-Crowned Sparrow

This little bird let me walk almost right up to it. I was within 1 foot away.

Palm, Date, Cocunut Trees? They all look similar to me.

Mt. Shasta - California

Signs of Spring

As my grandmother likes to call this one "hope"