Friday, October 29, 2010

Northern State - Part 2

Would of been a nice picture if I wasn't in it!

Aubrey... is the cutest girl I know, but I tend to say that to any little kid.... 
A picture within a picture..... (I was standing inside of the barn and snapped this through the window) 
Such a pretty smile 
Like mother, like daughter 
Love her face expression here 
Aubrey really liked the leaves
Now this gate was PRIME for photos! 
And yes, Aubrey wanted me to be in a picture too..... :-P

 Thank you Mindy for such a wonderful day!

Northern State - Part 1

Ah.. nothing like a walk through the forest
It looked like it was going to rain, but thankfully It held off
I just love thistles... photographing them, that is
The entrance into the park
Old barn number 1
I think it would be fun to grab an easel, sit back and paint all afternoon...
Old barn number 2 
I'm thinking this is the place where I want to have my senior photos taken..... so many neat set-ups!
I think if I stood in this spot much longer the old doors would of fallen off..... 
The trail keeps on going and going.....
No idea what these last two macro shots are of, but MAN were they an interesting subject matter!!!  So unusual. 
Today was a great day.... because..... I spend the whole afternoon taking pictures. Our neighbour picked me up and we headed to Northern State Park, a new park just 10 minutes down the road. There is this trail through an open field that goes on and on....  Old barns, creeks, open meadow, old trees, woods, and even more barns all catch my eye when I step out of the car door! We spent a few hours meandering around. I took a good 475 pictures. Definitely had a tough time trying to decide which ones to post. This is just part 1.... so lookout for more pics.  
P.S. If any of my VP friends ever come and visit me.... we're going to this place to do a photoshoot. :-P