Friday, September 18, 2009

The Apple Orchard

The Apple Orchard

   As I came around the bend I started approaching the apple orchard. On the floor below, the crunching of the leaves were as loud as the crackling fire place. The pleasing odor the ripe apples gave and the long waving grasses that touched my dress as I walked by reminded me of a time long ago, when I was young. The birds were chirping moving to and fro amongst the stripped branches of the undergrowth, while the hummingbirds were busily sucking away at a nearby wild currant bush, the bees were occupied pollinating the lovely scented deep yellow flowers that were along the path of the orchard. Away from the orchard I could see the sparkling water flowing south through the creek down to the elbow below and the trickling sound it made was like rain pouring down on a gutter spout. After I stood there for a few minutes listening to all the melodic sounds near me, I finally continued down the path to this rather jagged apple tree. Within reach I picked a ruby colored apple. The taste in my mouth was delightful, never had I tried such an appetizing piece of fruit that this rough looking tree had produced. My day was complete.

-Kaylie Brown

For composition I had to write a paragraph from an event or a place. I had to describe what everything was like around me...




  A friend is someone whom you can depend on. They will

always be there for you when times are tough. A friend is

likened to you as a bee is to a flower – one that will always

be near.  You may tell all your thoughts and secrets to your

friend and know that they will be kept.  Friendship seems to

be the one gift that keeps on giving. There are some friends

that quickly come and go in your life, but there are others

that will stay.

By: Kaylie Brown