Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Evening Grosbeaks

Birds... are my most favorite subject matter to photograph. My most favorite animal. And if I could be anything but a human in this world, it would be a bird. I mean they are so graceful, so beautiful, so much fun to watch, so fun to listen to and so many others things too.  But one must have a lot of patience when photographing birds, I mean, A LOT of patience.  I spent about half an hour outside photographing them this morning. The pictures didn't turn out nearly as nice as I thought they would of, but here are four of those pictures that are okay. The Evening Grosbeaks absolutely love sunflower seeds. They can devour all of our feeders in just about an hour - we have about 6 feeders. This morning we had a flock of about fifty. Now that was a lot! They definitely made my day. 


What is your favorite thing to photograph?