Friday, January 1, 2010

Jaiden Lynn

Miss Jannelle

I just LOVE this one for some reason.

Janelle in Action

So, I think I really like people photography now!  I mean how often do you have a little one running about your house for 1 whole week? In our household anyways... 

She is just adorable and SO photogenic.  I can't help to snap away all throughout the day.

Sisterly Love

Janelle and Jaiden

The most sweetest thing is how Janelle says words. It's "my sissy" and each picture of herself she says "beebie" 

It's Never to Young to Start!

My Grandma got a Nikon SLR for her birthday.   And of course I can't put it down, haha.  My cousin, Janelle is sure interested in it and every other camera around.  Hey, it's never to young to start...  I ALMOST guarantee that she is going to be the next photographer in our family.

Rare Moments

Casidy, Jaiden, Janelle and Samantha
Janelle and Samantha

  Happy New Year To All!