Monday, July 12, 2010

Canadian Rockies: Day 1 & 2

Mt. Robson A Cabin


Where we stayed in Jasper.

We highly recommend staying at Sandra's Place while visiting in Jasper. The mainfloor suite we stayed in had two queen beds, plus pull-out beds, sleeper couches and a single bed too. Appears to have room for a group of about nine or so. Plus a full kitchen. Her nightly rate was very affordable for everything that we were able to use and do. Super cozy and Sandra is very kind and sweet. Having lived in Jasper for more than thirty years she is knowledgeable where to go and what to see. BTW she has a room in the basement that will accomodate two as well. Call Sandra at 780-852-3389 or 780-931-3389.

My Mom, my sisters and I all set out early Sunday morning for the Canadian Rockies. After spending practically the WHOLE day in the car we finally arrived at Mt. Robson. Mt. Robson is about 1 hour from Jasper National Park, Alberta. After spending the night there, we went on a few hikes the following morning. Now of course it was pouring rain, what else were we to do during the day? Definitely not stay in the car nor tent all day... We got soaked, but the reward was sure great. The end of the hike we came to this gorgeous deep blue lake. To bad it wasn't warmer, it would have been great for swimming - other than it being glacier filled! :) I didn't sleep all that well though that night, due to the beautiful lightening storm, a great downpour and then the crunching sound of branches behind our tent didn't help any! ( I've never been so scared in my life, I thought for sure it was a bear! ) Okay moving on.... We arrived in Jasper at about 12:30 p.m. today. Turns out the weather was no different then Mt. Robson. 'Twas a lovely 45 degrees with a downpour. Boy, this trip is really looking wet. Ah well... Due to the rain there was NO WAY we were tenting this evening, so right now we are in this Private Residence - basement suite" Sure is great to look out the window, I just have to smile because I know what it would of been like in the tent "flooding" perhaps? Well, that's all I have to say for now - I'll try to write more another day. I'm not to sure if I'll get a chance to get back on the internet again though. -- Kaylie

Funny Story: So as we were pulling into the Private Residence Basment Suite - the Lady/owner ran out there and was telling us where to park and all of that stuff, well, she was looking in the back telling Samantha and Casidy (my sisters) where to park. We were looking at her kind of funny. A moment went by and the Lady said, "Okay, who is the mom here?" Haha we just all cracked up laughing! You see, both of my sisters are taller then my mom and I, so I guess that could of been why they looked older?.?. 'Twas hilarious anyways!!!