Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Belated 4th?

I know, I know... It's going to be August before we know it and I don't even have my firework shots up yet! Crazy. But that is all going to change. Very soon, actually.  By the time you are done reading this nonsense the pictures will be there, I promise.  I had some issues with the memory card, 55mm lens AND the computer decided it didn't want to work either. Put that together and you have one frustrated photographer. But thank the Lord, all is well and back on track. Mostly. By the way this is year number FOUR that I've tried so desperately to get ONE decent firework shot. I believe I got about ONE times TWO HUNDRED really awesome shots. I'm so happy they turned out. For some reason it all clicked. It is so simple too! No way on earth am I going to load them all here, you'll have to come over and I'll give you a slideshow, seriously. Without further ado, hopefully.... :P Here are the pictures.  I shall stop rambling now. Critiquing please!  

P.S. thank you to 'a few people' who again so graciously gave me suggestions as to photographing fireworks.  Your advice is always much appreciated. ;)

~ Kaylie Mae ~