The Person Behind the Lens

My very first photography show in November, 2010

How it all started 

I probably took my very first picture when I was just 5 or 6 years old... Since that day, I haven't put a camera down. It's hard to remember back then, but I do recall using my Grandfather's old Polaroid Camera that he always kept in the back seat of his truck. Used to run errands in town with him, just so I could play around with the camera. Haha!  Majority of the pictures would be completely blurry and have my fingers all in the shot, but I thought it was great fun and Grandpa didn't seem to mind. Besides, I was rewarded with 'instant' gratification (or not) on my photos. The year that I turned 7 is when I really started taking pictures - it was my sister Samantha's birthday party... After watching Grandma for a while as she snapped away at all the excitement that was going on, I remember asking her if I could take the pictures ( a film camera).  The next few years I would  find myself constantly snapping pictures with my Mom's Digital Olympus. After using that for about 2 years, I got pretty tired because the zoom was very minimal... and I wanted to get closer to things. Mom and Dad would always get us those "disposable" little cameras when we went on trips, but my one camera with about 24 pictures would be gone ON THE FIRST (first couple of hours - my Mom recollects) day of our trip(s).  There I'd be, mad because my sisters still hadn't even taken a single picture. Ah those were the good days.....  Age 10 and 11 was no different in the realm of photography. EVERY single day I'd go next door to my grandparent's house and ask, "Grandma, can I please use your camera today?" (It was a Nikon Coolpix.) The zoom was MUCH better then that old Olympus! (Sorry Mom)  There I'd be for hours taking pictures of people, flowers, bugs, water, animals and whatever else caught my eye. After I filled up the memory card, I went to the computer to download and to see how all the pictures turned out. I remember not to many of them were that great, but that didn't seem to matter to me. The next day I'd go to Grandma and say, "Can I use your camera today?"  That same question was asked for that whole entire year. Eventually I just went and got it without asking. She never really seemed to mind, thank the Lord! That camera was one well used camera. I got my very first camera when I was 12 one Christmas.   I bet Grandma sure liked that. And probably everybody else did too.  The camera was a Panasonic Lumix. A couple of years later my mom purchased the Canon Rebel XTI. (She likes to take pictures too!) But to her surprise, I was really liking the looks of that BIG camera, with the 2 different lenses, and all the features it had. That year I said good-bye to my little 6X zoom pocket camera. Though I will say, that point and shoot was a great first camera. :) I picked up the Canon Rebel one day and took a few shots, and I liked it so much I haven't put it down to this very day.  So there you go - now you know my camera story. 

About the Photographer

Hey Everyone!
I'm Kaylie Brown. A 18 year old girl, with a deep passion for photography.  I have been delighted with my natural surroundings my entire life.  I love being outdoors.  Capturing the moment, the light, the typically unnoticed things that are going on around me.  I have been a student of nature and hope to inspire others to step onto the pathway as well.  My family has been hiking the mountains in the lower Cascade Mountain Range for the past ten years, attending Audubon classes and field trips, visiting wildlife refuges, camping in the 'wild', visiting National and Historical Parks and places of interest since I can remember! I have been inspired by my parents, Birders, Naturalists, Botanists, fellow Photographers to follow my own calling - out into the wild around me! I find it sometimes difficult to be anywhere else.  The doors have been opened for me, I dared to step though and WOW I continue to be amazed.  Thank you to my Mom and Dad, my Grandparents, Sisters and all of my wonderful friends who continue to 'hone' my skills, inspire my abilities and encourage me to keep my eye on the mark. Perhaps I'll see you one day too - down the trail - eye focused on the next AMAZING subject matter.  My next challenges?  College and Life - photography and my most ambitious goal that I hope to accomplish is to be a Professional Nature Photographer working on Assignment for National Geographic capturing some undocumented moment, of a yet indescribable place, bird or animal in nature.

Thank you for visiting my blog!