Friday, April 23, 2010

Claire's Turn!

Claire and her horse, Bowhill. One of her favorite things to do, is to go riding out in the nearby field, what fun! :) Thank you so much Claire and Della for letting me take your picture. It was such fun and picking out an outfit for you both was pretty cool too, lets do it again soon. Thanks again for such a wonderful day!

Anna Banana

A few more of Miss Anna. I love you dear one!

Claire and Della Babcock

Claire and Della Babcock - Claire is 12 and Della is just turned 10... Anna Belle's older sisters... Aren't they just beautiful young ladies? I think so! :) Ah, I just love photographing these girls!!!
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Anna Belle Babcock

Anna Belle is two years old. She is our adorable little neighbor, and is such a joy to photograph.