Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 17th - Last Day/Best Day

Patrick, Charlotte, Abigail, Samantha and Casidy
Abigail and Charlotte
Charlotte, Samantha, Nathaniel, Jordan, Abigail and Casidy
The Group - minus Patrick
"Neck Stretches"
Omnibus Pals
The Daring Group -- who went straight down on the rocks rather then the actual trail. More like, playing follow the leader.
The Five Peas in a Pod
Group 2: (The Lazy Group) Jordan, Kaylie and Casidy
Group 1: (The rowdy group) :P Samantha, Abigail and Nathaniel
Just before the canoe adventure a.k.a "the water fight!"
The Faries Family
Jordan being Jordan... :P
Abigail, Casidy and Jordan

A Day with the Faries Family and the Highlight of the Trip!
July 17th... was one great day! It was the day we finally met the Faries family -- Nathaniel, the oldest of the Faries was one of my classmates/friends in my Omnibus lll and lV class from Veritas Press. His family is from Bermuda. It turned out that both our families were taking a trip to the Canadian Rockies during the same time... We met at Lake Louise - we walked the trail along the lake shore, went in the canoes, had a picnic at Moraine Lake, then played at a park. The highlight of the day was when we all went out in the Canoes. Group 1 and Group 2 both wanted to tip the other canoe over, instead of actually doing so, we just had this huge water fight. Everyone got pretty soaked. Angela and Tim - you have one wonderful family. :)
'Twas an awesome day!


  1. Great pictures...although I don't remember the neck stretches one. I must say you've really become proficient with people pictures; they're all composed really well and you've applied the filters appropriately, too. They all look fantastic.

    Thanks again for a great day!

  2. Thank you! :)

    About the neck stretches... I made that one up,:P remember the timer started going off, then the camera tilted, and I couldn't get in the picture fast enough, so you said just turn your head and look at the camera or something like that.

    Really? Awesome. Now if I could just get my firework shots to turn out. :-/

  3. haha I know nothing of the photographyese you are uttering, but I do know this: I envy both of you for having met the other person and I love the pictures you took, Kaylie.