Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 16th: Trip

Today was one of those days where the weather was constantly changing. The sun would be out, then it poured, the sun was back out, then it was drizzling. Days like that aren't very good for hiking because you are constantly risking ruining your camera gear. :P Despite the uncooperative weather we headed down a trail. The hike was called Consolation Lakes - 'twas only about a half-day trip. This hike was just beyond Moraine Lake. After passing by Moraine Lake Picnic Area, the trail passed over this amazing long rock slide. From there the trail goes on through this wooded forest. You can see a glimpse of the Ten Peaks and Moraine Lake. Along this whole pathway is this creek that is called Babel Creek. You definitely know when you are at the mid-way point, because the forest is no longer there and you are in this spectacular meadow with wild flowers galore! Finally the trail starts to even out, guess what? We are almost at the lake. Just have to climb over a few more rock piles... and we made it! The mountains are completely indescribable - one can get the general idea from pictures at how magnificent these mountains actually are, but I highly recommend you going and visiting them! The sun stayed out all the way to the lake, but on the way back it started to pour (the weather in the mountains can change so suddenly, most of the time when you least expect it) Now of course I had ALL of the camera gear with me. One thought came to me and only one - I HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE CAR BEFORE IT GETS TOTALLY SOAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord we made it back. The camera gear didn't actually get all that wet. Did I mention that we ran almost the whole way back though?

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