Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trip - Day 3

Yesterday morning I awoke to a big surprise, it was snowing, yes I said SNOWING. And they weren't little snowflakes, they were enormous. 'Twas a lovely 35 degrees. Here we came on this trip prepared for nice warm summer weather with the tents, and I don't know why we even left home. It was in the 80's back there. We walked around town in Jasper attempting to dodge the precipitation. Mom decided to drive all of the backroads she could find on our way out to Edson to visit our cousins. Along the way we decided to stop and take a "little hike." And yes, it was pouring AGAIN, the temperature being no higher then 38. BRR!!!!! So about the hike.... More like a short walk really... We went up these steep, slippery, small stairs to the lookout over the river (I don't recall which one because I've seen too many bodies of water) :P It was very beautiful up there even though we were freezing cold. Haha, I think we should of scheduled this trip later in the summer when it would have been warmer. :-/ I was going to add about 15 pics from yesterday, but due to the slower internet connection, it would take all day. I'll add some pictures when we get back home. Out to go hopefully photograph some old cabins today - so far, no rain!

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  1. Too true about the bodies of water. ;-) It's a lot for me as the only ones in Bermuda are Spittle Pond and the Atlantic ocean.