Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello Seattle - Part 1

The different types of sea enenimies were so beautiful -  such vibrant colors were they! 
These were in an area where you could touch them - it was pretty neat. 
This is inspiring me to get back into watercolor painting!
This  looks like a painting to me - I mean nature is SO inspiring. 
My personal favorite
I couldn't believe that all of this is right here, in our own ocean. 
I particularly like the lighting in this shot. 
One of my fish pictures that turned out half-way decent 
No idea what this is, but it certainly is neat. 
Water and Buildings 
Today we spent the afternoon in Seattle. I love the city in regards to the arts, architecture, and all the great photography opportunities.... I don't care for the large amount of people, perhaps that is just because I'm so used to living out in the country, but I better get used to the city life...... If I'm going to be going to college in one!  Our family doesn't go to Seattle to often, so when we do I make sure I get a good load of pictures taken. I got about 300 this trip. Heidy, our cousin, lives in Seattle. She took us to the aquarium, as we had never been to one before. One wood describes the experience "JAW - DROPPING!" Okay, that was two words, but you get the point. Ah yes, after visiting the aquarium I'm definitely re-considering majoring in Marine Biology. It's just amazing. All of the creatures that live under and in the water. It's just so fascinating. Have you ever stood there and observed a Sea horse? I did  that today. The behaviour of this little creature is just so cool. (for lack of a better word) They sit, or float actually :-P in one spot and just rock back and forth... So slowly, and are just the most daintiest little things. Jellyfish too. They had this massive tank, well many different massive tanks actually. This particular tank was filled with jellyfish, and you were literally RIGHT THERE within inches away. They to, just like the seahorse have such an interesting behaviour. I can't explain it, you'll have to see it for yourself. All in all, it was such a wonderful day seeing these creatures up so close and watching them as long as you want. At the start of the day I had quite the rough time trying to figure out what the aperture, shutter speed and ISO should be set too. It was extremely dark indoors, so of course a low shutter speed was needed. 'Twas quite the task trying to achieve that without a tripod. So all the 100 beautiful (so I thought) fish pictures didn't turn out so well..... I could stay here all evening telling you about the nice day, but to save your eyes -  I won't bother. 

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