Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creativity 101

Here at the Brown household, we make due with what we have. Well.... Most of the time anyway.

 Casidy celebrated her 15th birthday on Thursday. I couldn't believe it. Seems as if she was just 7 years old learning to ride a bicycle last week. Boy, how time flys! Of course candles are a must have for any birthday cake, right? 

So the story....  It was about 15 minutes before the party. We had just finished frosting the cake. I suppose checking the supply of candles would of been a good idea.  The only candles that we seemed to find was for our 7th and 8th birthdays years ago. After searching the cupboards, we finally compromised with using the 7 + 8 to equal 15.  I do have to say, the plastic utensil for the plus sign was pretty funny, but hey, it worked!  Hope you had a great day, Casidy!

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  1. This is a common occurrence in our household! When my brother turned 11, we just used 2 regular candles (because we didn't have 11 of them around :)