Thursday, September 2, 2010

Death Valley Trip - Continued

Scotty's Castle
Just an old abandoned shack 
Scotty's Castle 
I thought this would make a neat picture
I'm sorry, but I don't recall what this was 
Sun through Clouds
Heavenly Lights 
Sparkling Water 

I intended in posting just a few pictures over the last year or so that I have not included in previous posts. As I was uploading more and more pictures, I realized each photo was from our trip to Death Valley. Out of all the 15,000 in something pictures here in iPhoto my eyes just kind of went to the "Death Valley Trip" pictures. I guess there were quite a few I left out. Forgive me if you've already seen some of these. All I have to say is this: if you haven't been to Death Valley you must go sometime soon! It is a very unique place all on its own, and a place I definitely would like to go back to! By the way, if you are following my blog I wish to thank you for being so faithful. Your comments are much appreciated. Have a lovely evening.
- Kaylie Mae


  1. Nice pics!! Aren't the sand dunes simply amazing??!?!?! When I went it was beautiful! =)

  2. Wow....the "Heavenly Lights" shot could definitely get 1st in a photo competition. Can I get a large version for my desktop background?

  3. @ Alaina -- Thank you, they were incredible!!!

    @ Theo -- Funny you say that because It actually did get a first at out local fair just a few weeks back and a best of class award as well.
    Of course you can! Would you like me to email that to you?

  4. Wow! These are amazing, and I MUST go myself some day! I've only been to Colorado, Tennessee and several eastern states, and Canada, so have seen nothing like this! Love the pictures: thank you for posting them!

  5. Thank you.. If/when you go, you CAN'T forget your camera!!!