Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daddy and I :)

Sorry I have not updated my blog in 2 whole weeks. I have been rather busy and haven't taken that many pictures...


  1. Hi Kaylie! I hope you don't mind - I've just bought a condo and I'd like to print a couple of your pictures to put on my goal is to have all my art by people I know and love. Please let me know if it's ok!


  2. Go for it! You bet is okay!

    How are you doing Lee-Ana?

  3. I'm doing really well - I'm excited to have a place on my own (I've always had roommates or family before) and I love love love that I'm only a 5 minute commute from work. How about you? Everytime I look at your photos I have a longing to live a little closer to woods and mountains and beautiful streams...I'm living vicariously through you! Give your family hugs for me :)

  4. Lee-Ana,

    Here is my email